Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Time to Transition

I once read on a Stage IV board........"Do cancer on chemo days, do life every other day". It feels like that those words are ringing true more and more. As I get on my feet, and life begins to return to me (drop offs for school, brunch with friends, art, errands, etc.) it feels like I forget all about writing on this. Admittedly, the past few times, I have forced the entries, not wanting to abandon you all when times are good. But I do find I want to write about what interests me, and life more.

I am brewing my transition back to my Full Circle Life boards. I want to talk about life as it pertains to life, not cancer only. This is GOOD. I feel very very done with cancer. If it weren't for the scans and 3 week pokes, and meds taking me for rides, I wouldn't even know I had just gone through all that.

I am looking at joining group blogs. I have seen a few, where several people who've been there, done that, gather and take turns at posting. That sounds far more healthy than focusing on just myself.

So, this board may get dusty, and cobweb ridden. But for now, I will still post, maybe once a week, until I get the Full Circle Life boards up and running. It just feels like the time here has run it's course for now. I do hope to continue to share what will be helpful, and as I have the thought and inclination will post for those scouring the internet for help. And I am still writing up that book. So as that comes to fruition, I will post.

Not totally being shelved, but not the weekly updates on ME anymore. ME - I am living my life again. And easily forget to post at the moment.

My day today was spent not trying to get over a drug, or deal with pain, but picking out colors for Bug's room, and experimenting with a new acyrlic blotter on my collages. :) YAY! That life thing!

So, keep popping in if you want to know where the book is at, or are in need of a guidepost/advice on how to deal. But this is no longer an update on me. Me.....I am living.



MiMi said...

With tears of Joy daughter dear, LIVE on LIVE well LIVE in the moment and continued health and spiritual health.
Look forward to the creativity that comes from your journey.
From the Heart

Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

SO SO happy you are ALIVE!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that you are back in the game and do not have to focus on cancer all of the time!!! I wish I was there....I'm workin on it but recovery from my last surgery is going slower than I would like. Did you get my email re your book idea?? I sent it about a month ago and never got any response. I thought maybe it went to your spam. I can resend it if you need me to. I am working on a book too. Maybe we can motivate eachother??