Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ugh....chemo and cold

Wow, went to bed last night against my will. I just fell asleep and couldn't help it. Woke up on and off a little confused and coughing all night. Woke up this morning very sick feeling. Called the hosptial (very afraid I would end up staying there) and lucky, as it stands, I can weather this out at home for now. My counts were high this week, and my fever is below 101.5, no green stuff. Sound viral they said, and I should just take really good care of myself so I don't end up having to come in. Ugh. I feel lousssssssssssssssssyyyyyyyy. Can I say, for months, I have not been a whiner. But today.......whiny whiny whiny. I feel miserable, and alittle scared. I know a cold/flu has the potential to land me a stay in the hospital. I am hoping that because my counts are up, I can handle this on my own.

Send gooooooooooood vibes, Gluten Free Chicken soup, and some decongestant.

This is a good time to mention this. Colds/flus and chemo don't mix. Us chemo chics (and dudes) have lowered immune systems (well, suppose counts look good). It can land us in the hospital. So, if you feel even a hint of a cold/flu or your kids have runny noses, or a cough, please remember not to visit or have Bug over to, and thens he brings it home. Having a kid in school, I am not sure how I am ever going to avoid gettng a cold in the house. I see so many runny noses go through. Sigh. But let's not tempt fate and save a visit for another day. Thanks. We have a standing rule, you walk into my house, you wash your hands and sanitize them. Bug is great about it, and "the enforcer" for visitors. I need to do more of that too. Ugh.


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Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

UGH! is right! I hope you are feeling better tonight. I'll look into that chicken soup in the next day or so. Maybe Friday would be good!