Friday, July 23, 2010

Okay, breaking the silence with this. THANKS MEL! :)

And life is coming full circle and to a better place all around. Not without it's learning curve, but none the less, a freedom. And I feel this way, having to return to chemo and all. I think I am learning from mistakes (or life lemons). Rough week, full of every possible mistake, yet I knew there was wisdom in this and waited it out with a few tears and got the "ooooooh, I get it!" message of the week.

Hope anyone reading this is in good health and good spirits,
With Love, always In-Joy


Friday, July 2, 2010

Getting Oriented after Chemotherapy

The ebb and flow of long term disease treatment is, well, disorienting! (In case you've not been reading...being disoriented has been huge the last couple of months). So I took a break.

And I wrote this:

The Blessed Fool

Oh, the blessed lucky fool!
Who can stop along her pathway
Turn her dirty face toward the dusty path behind,
And see!
Thorny briars, painfully crossed,
Shredded clothes snagged and torn,
And the sole worn shoes long ago discarded...
And Realize her nakedness,
Save for her ruby ring,
and laugh.

Finding my way slowly, patiently, compassionately and sometime frustratingly... :)