Monday, September 20, 2010

The Shortest Update - Guarenteed

Chemo - fine
side-effects - not so bad
daughter - 7, securely in 1st grade
weather - windy
inner cheerleader - slightly annoying with the jump kicks, but helpful
big girl britches - securely fastened

Cancer - 0 Life - 1



RENEE said...

Hey girl keep them britches on !!
Thinking and got down to get up for you yesterday hoped it helped!! May you have the wings of an eagle and soar this week.

Melisa said...

Been thinking about you! Been pondering your date request, but a couple of us have been sick for over 2 weeks now back to back! :(

Cherry Dee said...

Jenna, when looking up zometa and if I am going to drop it I found your blog..Amazing. I am a stage IV 41 yr old mother of 3 (almost 15 year old daughter, 12 yr old boy,4 yr old boy), happily married. I was dx'd with stage IV after I had already gone through chemo and radiation, chose to do the ovarian removal...tomoxifin was HORRIBLE! I did the removal and went on femera and zometa...Oh my! I had a tram done (due to scar tissue in the radiated side of the reconstruction)...So I took a few months off of the zometa with docs approval. I felt so good. I did start having pain that made me think I should get back on the zometa...first treatment and almost 4 days down! UGH! I have to schedule my life around being able to be down with 3 very active children and a husband that can't change jobs because of insurance and he works afternoons. My doc is as most of them famous for saying "I don't know" especially to young survivors like me.. By the way, are you aware of Wild Yam Cream (teehee)
You can find me on twitter or I'd love to chat sometime!

Jenna said...

Thanks for sharing your story Cherry Dee. Sorry it took a bit to post. It is a wild ride and every day is it very own, and sometimes that is easy to digest and others not so much. I am kind of "cleaning house" and reconfiguring how/what I write about here. So keep checking back.

I am glad you have those adorable kids around, it helps motivate. But it too can be the challenge.

Take care!

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