Thursday, November 12, 2009


I wrote this really long and tough entry. But what it comes down to is this:

endurance means not becoming stagnate.

I feel like I am fighting a battle with stagnation. But always always always keep moving forward, even if it is only a millimeters movement. Move.

Energy healers never ever bind energy. They find where it is tightened up and release it. The goal is always fluid movement. Of mind of body of spirit.

So today, I came to a slow crawl mentally. But I moved ever so slightly forward one millimeter.

I hope. I still hope. I still believe, even if this past couple months has been challenging, painful, and scary as hell. I have moments of delight. Sometimes that is bittersweet, because it is just enough to let me know it is there, but I can't seem to hold onto it.

Almost there. I feel it. Almost there.



M said...

Love to you, Jenna.

Melisa said...

You've been on my mind a lot lately. Just want you to know! Hugs to you and Bug, both!