Thursday, November 5, 2009

No Smancher Cancer Talk today

Just fun pics.

No, it wasn't swine flu. But that was apparent that day. However, something got us. And now that we have the official "all clear" we are OUT of here.

While we THOUGHT of walking our normal route to the local coffee house.

The rain went from drizzle
(which any good Seattle-ite worth their salt doesn't
even notice),

to an all out rain (which used to be unheard of, and is now common here), requiring (eek-gasp) UMBLRELLA'S.

And two girls with recovering chest colds, decided to drive it, then walk from there with those unsightly umbrella's no Seattle-lite worth their salt carries.

However, it inspired picture taking....
so here is our brief day out.

All of this is within 5 minutes of us. Which is why...Seattle, I do love you.

Oh, not to forget, the best coffee west of the Atlantic.

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