Sunday, March 7, 2010

The "quiet" and the quiet Courage

It has been very quiet around this blog lately, because I have been dealing with some very private, not for this blog life issues.

I am doing pretty well. My energy returns more and more, as the counts drop. On the other end of it, my hip and low back pain have me walking like someone beat me up with a bat. OUCH. Physical therapy did start last week. It has brought some relief, but at the same time, I spent most of my weekend legs propped over a large pillow, kind of cranky to be slowed down, just as I feel the engines revying up. grumble grumble.

But the private life has all my energy going towards the issues at hand, so this has been a quiet blog. I do not wish to air here, private family matters.

But I will share with you, a beautiful prayer a friend read to me over the phone. It is muy muy importante to those of us living life. A good reminder, especially when you feel tired, and run down and maybe a wee bit self-deprecating about how well you are handling your life situations.

In one week, one friend read this to me, the next, Ms. Direction gave me a framed Certficate of Excellence for grace in challenging circumstances.

For anyone dealing with cancer, who still wakes up and finds one things to bring to their day, wether it just be managing pain in bed, holding the hand of a loved one, writing a novel, or digging a well, whatever it is.... I know how much energy and courage it can take to over ride the messages "you are sick" ....this is for you!

The Universe Gifts Me With Courage In All Things - Julia Cameron, "Blessings"

I cherish my own courage. I salute myself for the brave action I undertaken in my life. I focus with clarity and appreciation on the choices I have made which have required courage and self-determination. I applaud myself for my strength and my daring. Rather than belittle myself for my fears, I choose to honor myself for the bravery with which I have often walked through my fears. I count back in specific ways and enumerate for myself examples of my own courage: the new friendship I have undertaken, the steadiness I have shown in a difficult job, the honesty I have displayed in opening a difficult conversation. I honor myself for my bigheartedness in the face of challenges from which I could have-but did not-shrunk back. My courage brings blessings to my life. My courage blesses the lives of others.

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