Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This is a workshop I am beginning to offer again here in Myrtle Beach, SC. This is another saving grace that keep me afloat of the all the cancer stuff. It takes me out of the physical aspect of what is going on that can be disorienting, and places me back into my core. That part of all of us have that cannot be broken or changed, even when our lives do. Enjoy! I will post a video by the founder of Soul Collage(c) and an example of my work. You can also find more by looking up Chimaera Creations on Facebook.

The card below was formed and came to me as a way of understanding the psychic and physical aspects of some parts of my breast cancer journey:

"I am the one who has electrifying potential resting deep inside my womb, protected from the onslaught of the chemicals and changes. I am the One Who feels aged and wizened, but I hold rebirth in my grasp, awaiting its moment. I am bound by their laws. I am in danger of turning to stone from the stranglehold fear can place on you. I am the One Who has protection while these changes occur. I am wise. I am wise."

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