Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Flus, Colds, Zometa - Blugh

So, just spent a few days down with a cold/flu thing. That coupled with Zometa has been mentally challenging. Very. Constant temprature changes from Femara, & hotsweats, coupled with bone pain from Zometa, coupled with stiff muscles, is just getting too much. I go back to, it takes so much mental strength to get through cancer. The body can so easily overwhelm you. And for a year now I have been dealing with pain. I am trying to be patient and figure this all out, find a way to manage.

It sometimes feels like pushing back a glacier with one hand.

I just tell myself, on the worst day, it will pass, we will figure this out, and just keep going.

Anyway, I didn't complain through chemo, but right now, wew. Just a little tough spot. It will pass. I just remember right before Zometa, I felt great.

It is my mantra.

So no insightful blog entry today. Just wanted to post on a "hard" day too. Show you the whole picture.

Love to all!

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Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

Hon, I'm sorry you've had it so yucky lately! I wish I could take it all for even just a day for you! Let me know if you need something and I'd be more than happy to work to work some magic!!