Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cooking Your Way Through "cancer" smancher

Okay, so I am having a "newly converted, going out to evanglize about the wonders of allergen free, whole foods cooking" spree. Here's the deal........see that little picture of that cookbook in the sidebar?.........It could save your life. It has sat there demurely, quietly. But now, I want to highlight it and bring it to the forefront. Tom and Ali are simply brillant and holistic and foodies with a cause and they are sharing their knowledge. And I am taking the next steps to healing, by incorporating this cookbook into my life.

I finally got my hands on a full copy of their cookbook last week and it has become my favorite of all cookbooks. I have read many "allergy" cookbooks, but they seem to leave out the nutrition.

But in THIS is all about nutrition, the allergy thing is just a part of that good nutrition! I don't get Angel Sponge Cake Gluten Free. I get desserts that are delicious, energize my body, calm the inflammation, and combat the cancer!!!!!!!

This cookbook will get out the bad fats, cull out foods that inflame the system (and are linked to countless diseases), save the planet, energize your body and delight your senses. Now if it could only balance the federal budget.

We have been eating out of it all week. My daughter has never eaten so much "good stuff" before. She turned her nose up at the taste. But now, I have her drinking "Green Smoothies" (filled with KALE), and eating about 8 different veggies a day! The food is delicious.

Not only do they give you WHY, but they give you the HOW to cook. It gets into all those topics we have questions about. Safest pots and pans? What oils are best and how do I use them? What does inflammation have to do with my food and my health? Is meat safe? Which ones and why? It is all in there. They have this beautiful chart on a healthy balanced life that I wish to share here. I will ask them soon.

The trickiest part about moving to a Whole Foods, anti-cancer diet, in learning how to incorporate the new knowledge, materials, and foods. I know. I took years, and I am still learning! But what I am learning has me dedicated to "the way of the whole foods". And Tom and Ali's book has given me the final key to open that door permanently!

(Oh dear, I am beginning to sound like on of the spam emails!)

Thank you Tom and Ali! I wish I had understood these things years ago. It has me fired up and inspired to learn and share!!!!!

I swear, I do not get a commission on this. But if you are doing the cancer dance, or the food allergy dance, or the heart disease dance, or want to live full of energy, THIS is the book. I wish I was Oprah, I would hand out this book to everyone I met.

It tells you why, it tells you how, and then you get the recipes to back it up.

Right now, I am drinking my Cranberry Cabbage smoothie! YUM.
Yesterday, we made the Cranberry Spice Muffins.
The night before, Lemon Lentil Soup.
Lunch today, more of the Arugala Salad with the Lemon Dressing.


I had to share. This could be the cookbook equivalent of "AntiCancer".

Okay, that's my story. Check out there website by clicking on the link.





MiMi said...

this book was in the grocery store the other day, picked it up looked at it and set it down.
Will give it a second look and buy. The receipes looked interesting.
Hey tell Oprah about it !!
Luv Ya

Kristen's Raw said...

Great post!

Cheers for green smoothies,