Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Beetlejuice Effect

So, first time round, I didn't lose my hair. Second time round, didn't lose my hair. This time round I am shedding like Chewbacca taking holiday in the Sahara......meaning....if you breath on my head, hair will fall.

It is itchy and irritating and I am trying to figure out what to do...because it may just THIN.

My dear daughter is stressed by this. The whole time, the threat of losing my hair has been her only point of expression on my cancer treatments. She doesn't want me to cut it. But after watching it fall out all day, she told me I could cut it, but (and she said this in a sweet, scared child way, not bossy) "Just don't do it if front of me". Oh that child. Tonight, she found scissors and cut a lock of her hair off and put it in her scrapbook.

But I am scouring the internet. Is this just rapid thinning that will stop? Or should I go for the close cut? Problem is, if you touch it, if falls out. So I don't see how a hair stylist could possibly cut hair that would constantly be changing as he/she cuts it. What to do what to do.

I am trying to wait it out. But for instance, I was making breakfast for Kara and I. And the whole time hair is falling falling falling. Right into our food. Hmmm..........

I have heard that Abraxane causes "hair thinning" but the posts I have read they say, "Yeah, thinning so bad I look like Beetlejuice". hmmmmmm.....

What to do, what to do........

so if next time you see me, I am wearing a wig, dawning a wrap, shaved my head to a stubble, or look like I could be Beetlejuice's hot date....please don't stare and just tell me I look beautiful .....Or I will shrink you and put you into a model of your hometown.


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