Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quick Post - Herceptin Resistence and it's CURE?

What is Herceptin Resistence? Herceptin is NOT a chemo drug. It doesn't kill all cells. Just breast cancer cells that have a certain receptor that helps it to reproduce. Herceptin goes in and takes the place where the protein should go to let the cell reproduce. Thus, shutting down the cycle. Like birth control for breast cancer cells with this as a positive attribute.

Now, this drug has been called the homerun drug of all chemo drugs by my oncologist. At the beginning of this journey. anyone in the oncology world I told I could take herceptin all were SOOO excited. The phramacist joked that it was so amazing it should be put in the water. HOWEVER, for 20% of the patients, it doesn't work. It is called Herceptin Resistence. For me, it seems to work better with chemo being taken with it. But on it's own, it wasn't holding it in check.

This has had me bummed, depressed, scared.....a life on constant chemo. I won't go there. Because...

I am part of a board of Metastatic Cancer Babes on Crazy Sexy Cancer. The discussion there informed me of a new drug in trials that helps overcome Herceptin resistence. Which lead me to a discussion with my doc several times. Which lead her to looking into it more. Which lead her to a conference. Which lead her being as excited as I am because she has the science behind it. Apparently, there is great hope and success with mixing an older drug which is similar with Hercptin and this overcoming the resistence.

Which lead her to GIVING ME THE DRUG!!!!!!! I am a road tester. Paving the way for this new drug combo that could save lives. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED. I start TODAY. PRAYERS THIS WORKS. It could take me from 1-2 years to ????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prayers prayers prayers.

I NEEDED THIS. Hope, something to look towards. Somethign to be a part of that will help other women, even if it doesn't help me. If my dot on a graph somewhere helps scienctist understand it better which leads to a cure.....I AM IN.



Melisa said...

VERY cool! Fingers crossed here!

Susan said...

I AM SOOO EXCITED for you! I am soo happy! This wil WORK!!

3jtodd said...

This is amazing, I hope and pray your forward thinking, research and willingness to delve into this drug combination will lead towards a cure!!!
I am a recent follower of your blog and have been enraptured by your thoughts, experience and your spirit.
Prayers & love to you!
Jodi - sister in stage IV

Jen L said...

You are so amazing! Hugs and Loves :)