Thursday, March 3, 2011

Healing Medicine

If you can't get a smile in your heart from watching have NO soul....

OH my oh my oh my!


Restroom Trailers said...

Truly something wrong with anyone who isn't smiling while they watch this.

Willo said...

Greetings Jenna, I am writing to you in this spot because I can't see any where else to contact you.
I spent yesterday reading your entire blog. You asked if someone you didn't know read it to let you know something about them. I am responding to your request.
I read every post with respect. I did not consume your story but listened to what you were saying with my full attention and with care.
I felt some kinship with you. I recognized the deep spirituality
you express. I also have had to find my way through difficult circumstances involving among other things my health.
I resonated with your organic relationship to your blog which is only one of your creative outlets.
I am older than you, female and I live with Australia.
I have become a follower of your blog which I hope you will update when you feel the impulse to in what ever form flows from you.
with warmest regards to you and your lovely daughter, Willo.

madhuri said...

the smile by the baby was so cute and cannot explained in words ..It must be felt watching this video..I share it with my friends too..Thanks for sharing !! webhosting

Jenna said...

Okay, this STILL instantly gets me smiling from my belly, through ever cell and fiber. LOL! Laughing Buddha Baby! :)