Friday, July 1, 2011

Restarting and Revision

Hello all! My you have been patient. To get responses STILL after such a long hiatus, I am honored.

And I am ready.

Suffice it to say, I was - busy. Healing. Putting straight my life and eliminating the chaos.

I can't talk too much about that. And this blog isn't about THAT stuff, anymore anyway.

But I do have a vision, and now that the proverbial chains have finally been lifted, and my energy can now go back into my LIFE and LIVING it, not surviving it again, I can turn my attention back here. The direction I have been hinting at moving this blog can finally come to pass. And oh the fun we shall have :)

Sharing knowledge. Giving to others what others gave to me to heal, it my focus here now. Soon, along the sidebar, you will start to see listing of my writings. Some from school, some from my own private collection.

Some will be reports from my schooldays relevant to today.
Some will be poetry.
Some will be meditations, both written and recorded for you to use immediately.
Some will be songs I have written for children, or spirit.
Some will be meditative chants I have learned to reach a affirmative meditative state.

All will have a little "donate" button, or suggested "donate" button.

For now, as always: Music! A repeat I believe, but SO appropriate for my life the last 2 years:

In hope, and joy, and gratitude.


Willo said...

Go Jenna!!!

~*Lady Fiona*~ said...

Hi Jenna :) I was doing some 'blog hopping' tonight hoping to find one that would capture my attention & heart ~ something extra special to follow and I'm happy to say that yours has :) I look forward to seeing your new posts ... wishing you all the best in your journey of healing. Love the song you posted ~ a first for my ears and I like it!

Take Care,
Fiona :)

Melisa said...

Glad to see you here today! I was here this morning and the post wasn't here, but now I see LIFE! :)