Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Book about Harmony Hill Cancer Retreat Center

Over the winter, I was interviewed for a book about those who have had the honor of attending a retreat at Harmony Hill. I am simply going to post the information from the website. When I was asked to be interviewed, I simply thought it was for some quick one sentence blurb to be posted on the website. I had no idea it was all this. I am beyond honored. Gretchen, the visionary founder of this center, is amazing, if I could carry myself through life with her humble, grounded, and graceful way, even 1/10 of it, I would consider it a life well lived. The center is am amazing extension of her vision, and energy. I will say it again - GO - or DONATE. Read on....

One Hill, Many Voices: Stories of Hope and Healing



Harmony Hill’s newest book One Hill, Many Voices: Stories of Hope and Healing by Donna Cameron and Kristen Leathers. While cancer is central to a number of the stories told in One Hill, Many Voices: Stories of Hope and Healing, they are really about living authentically. Along with the picturesque background of Harmony Hill we are introduced to individuals who reconnected with their own lives and accessed their own inner wisdom and healing. Woven among the individual stories of hope, healing and homecoming is the story of one woman, Gretchen Schodde, whose vision and perseverance made Harmony Hill a reality. These illuminating stories about real people in real situations remind us all that living our lives on purpose is our true work.

Order your copy today! Copies will be available for pick up about August 20th at Harmony Hill Retreat Center or will be mailed the week of August 22nd.

$24.95 plus tax for pick-up at Harmony Hill (notice will be sent for date for pick-up availability)
$24.95 plus tax ($5 for shipping & handling per copy) sent media mail to recipient week of August 22nd

Price: $27.05


Now I haven't prescreened this, I am not sure how much was published from our interview, but the interview was extensive! And the writer delightful.

Once again, if your in Washington state, or Washington D.C., and going through, or assisting someone through their cancer experience, now, or 20 years ago, this place is worth going to for a retreat. Amazing, powerful, respectful...I can go on and on. Life Changing....definitely.

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Melisa said...

So, here's the VERY cool thing! We have a new regular at the store and she was telling me a bit about herself the other day. She's recently retired from medical research and one of the things that she has done and I think will continue to do is to work as a volunteer at Harmony Hill!! I told her I knew about it because of a good friend of mine! I also told her of my ambition to be an oncology nurse. So grateful to EVERYONE who is inspiring and encouraging me along my journey!