Monday, March 9, 2009

Moonlight, and Blueberry Girls

Well, last night, my 5 year old daughter awoke at 3:00am. I settled her back into bed and wide awake and energized I layed back down. Then I saw "it". A sliver of silver light splitting the nights darkness and landing on my bedroom floor.

Now, the moon and me have always had an intimate relationship. Something is SO magical about the middle of the night and a full moon. When the world is still, the air cool and crisp, and the silver light is showing us the what the world is like at night.

What does this have to do with cancer? Well, before, I would've loved it, and let my daughter sleep. But the "do this another day" syndrome has left me. So I went back to her and she was till awake. I asked her if she could see the light through the cedar tree. And we found ourselves the most amazing vantage point and whispered about the beauty of a full moon when everything was still. She told me why the moon was giving us light, and that the light was actually the suns light. I told her it was a gift from the sun, a promise that tomorrow will come, even in our darkest times. And back to bed she went.

Tonight, if the sky is clear again, I am going to take her to the beach, and let her see the moon dancing off the waves.

And these are the times I live for. Why I let myself take 4 drugs everyday, and deal.

And this is for all of the young mothers out there, with breast cancer, and young daughters. A little treat from Neil Gaiman.

Blessings by moonlight,

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Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

So glad you could share that with Bug! I'm quite sure she loves life with her mother!

Susan said...

I love the Blueberry Girl link. it is SOOO beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. I saw the moonlight last night and thought of you, so far way but looking at the same moon. The moon, however, does look different from this end of the earth.

MiMi said... my blueberry girl (a girl who went from fear of bees to sleeping on termite hills) who is definitely raising a blueberry girl. Love the link and you.
From the Heart

Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

Saw the big orange moon tonight and felt connected to you again! Wishing you health tonight, my friends!

Anonymous said...

I told her it was a gift from the sun, a promise that tomorrow will come, even in our darkest times---

...from far away, i'm sending you as much love and good vibes i can. You're strong--you always were and you always will be!

love from an old friend