Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So, today, I pulled two healing cards. One was "Empower Yourself". So I did, by speaking up and asking for more information and alternatives. And, into my hands, the Dr. placed a sweet prescription that she (and the pharmacist) said "Women come into this office beaming after I give them this." So, I have help. It was funny, as we were talking about this, I had a hotflash. Turn good and red (I was told) and was fanning myself with perscription slip. lol.

Now, I am reading up into this before I take it. I had a BAD drug reaction once upon a time. A doctor irresponsibly gave me a RX for a drug that is now being sued out of use. She gave me 3 times the limit, and overdosed me with it daily as well. So, I read thoroughly and carefully before any pill passes these lips.

I am also pondering if this is a good long term solution. The drug wasn't developed for this purpose, which is the same as the drug above.

I am wondering if there is a long term natural solution. I am looking into that as well. So, tomorrow, I am going to do some investigating. We shall see.

But if not, I have something....for now.

I also had a wonderful chat with the pharmacist. He said we should put Herceptin into the water, it is so amazing. lol! It just gave me hope again, in the method I have been given. But we also went on to talk about what's on the horizon, and I am very excited. I always thought around 2014, something new would be given to me that could be the final and long term CURE. He said, I wasn't far off at all. So exciting.

I will be your guinea pig, if it means saving millions.

Wew, hope. There is always a solution. Always, even if it just a change of attitude. But maybe, I won't feel so overheated that I feel like I am going to pass out in the middle of the bookstore again. Wew!!!!!!!

Thanks Mel for the company and ride. I haven't laughed so much there!!!!!!

Self-pity trip avoided.......

P.S. My counts are still rocking on in the "normal" person range. Breathe out.


Kendyl said...

With reference to your side bar quote: The cover of this month's Seattle Parent Map has two Chinese characters and this phrase between them- Crisis= Opportunity?
I thought immediately of you! Grabbed a copy, too.

MiMi said...

Dear Jenna,
BIG GRADITUDE SHOUT OUT TO THOSE DOCS !! More Heavenly Days ahead Yeah !!! I saw you in a dream last night sitting on a mountain top, pen, pad and paper in hand. Drawing, writing !! It is all there waiting to come out!! That song playing from the clouds....
May you find the right balance of meds to let you live your life and accomplish your task, calling.
May you start feeling well enough to notice all that is around you and enjoy it.
Love to family,