Monday, January 18, 2010

Amazing Week

So, my skin is peeling. Like a snake shedding it's skin I as I see it. From the radiation burn. But I can bend again, and move so much more freely.

I have a horrid rash. Had me layed up for the week (including radiation burn) and in desperate pain that took me to the ER Sunday night. Got some good meds and answers Monday from the doc. It is the "Tykerb rash" but not a hideous looking one, just painful. So we are looking for ways to manage it.

Then she told me about a patient, whose mets had progressed farther than mine did, and was doing well now for two years on Tykerb ALONE. Now she won't say that if things were looking promising to go in that direction. To be in an amazing remission pattern, and NOT go in for chemo weekly. Just take my four pills, at home, daily, and deal with the rash. WOAH. Wooooooooooooah. Thank you Universe, Great Spirit, and angels on earth.

What a birthday present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 35 today! Whohooooooooo!

Painful rash under control and calming down. Chemo today with Pushpa, whom I love and am so grateful for. Yesterday, was the celebration day. A kirtan with Shantala, and a brunch with friends that I deeply respect and honor. What a good time.

Love to you all

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Emily said...

Happy Birthday!! A wonderful gift indeed!