Sunday, January 24, 2010

I am in love with...

I am in love

I am in love with...peacefulness and ease

I am in love with....the turn of the wheel

I am in love with....times of fear

I am in love with...times of joy

I am in love with...that all things shall pass

I am in love with...the beauty of the human spirit

I am in love with....learning

I am in love, and sound, and it's ability to shift any energy to a state of balance

I am in love with...mystery

I am in love with...knowing I am loved

I am in love with...knowing I am safe to just be

I am in love with...knowing I am surrounded by love

I am love with the gifts of this journey, even when I scared now, I KNOW there is way through and all is well.

:) This isn't drugs talking. I am cleared headed and well. My friends helped rebalance my bodies reactions to the drugs. So I am VERY clear now. Even when I was in the midst of the scary moments of the drugs interaction I am having, I KNOW now there is a way though, I am surrounded by those willing to help, and help IS there.

I am just feeling Love.

Let Karen Drucker say it in song...


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