Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So, over a month ago, the doc walked in with my intuition in hand. I had told her I was getting that I should be taking a pill. We went over a few chemo pill options, none of which seemed right. But I kept insistening, she kept looking. And lo and behold, she went to a cancer conference.

A NEW (old) pill, used in a new way that the trials had just been released on. It showed that Herceptin resistant patients were showing amazing improvement when given Tykerb along with Herceptin. Basically. The Herceptin doesn't let it reproduce from the outside, the Tykerb kills it off from the inside. I have links to this research in an early blog entry.

So, we started our own trial on me a month ago...........

We follow CA 27 markers. This checks a protein (?) that only breast cancer cells let off when they are growing and reproducing. These guys stay in the bloodstream. Every 2-3 weeks we do a count check.

A month ago, when this little experiment start, my markers were around 1000.

Yesterday we tested again, about a month later.....

drumroll please...........


A "regular" person on the street runs this marker from 0-35. In a week, at this trend, I will be at 0. ZERO.

That my friends, if it holds, is the beginning of REMISSION. How long it holds, we shall see. But the next thing down the pipe, super herceptin, which overcomes Herceptin Resistence and is working WONDERS. It is called DMI, and they are trialing it at Johns Hopkins I believe. Not on the market yet.


POW - a few months ago I was wondering if Iwould be making it through. I let go into faith and followed my intution like a bloodhound. God I love my doc. :)



Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

AWESOME!!! What an exciting post to read!

Barb said...

YAY! I am SO happy for you!!!


Sheryl Lane said...

Hi Jenna,
Congrats on your success and Happy New Year! How can I get in touch with you?

Emily said...

Jenna, that is wonderful news!!!!! I cheered when I read that, you go girl! Awesome!

Sharon Eiler said...

Yay e yay e yay yay!!