Friday, January 8, 2010

Breathtaking Video - The Third and the Seventh by Alex Roman

Please watch this to the end. Then read the spoiler at the bottom.

Why is this on a breast cancer blog? Because it is my blog, and I can post it if I want to. hehehehe. No really. Because, Jenna, pre-BC, was an artist. Jenna in the break I had from chemo, started film school. Jenna still loves art, architecture, and film. And this is so inspiring. And somedays, when your skin is burned by radiation, and all you do is want to sleep (not want to, all you DO is sleep), something has to keep you grounded in YOU, so you YOU don't speak abotu yourself in the third person anymore:

Please watch this in full screen mode and watch to the end.

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

Now, if you didn't catch that......NONE of that was real. It was ALL CG script. I am still in disbelief myself.


Radiation ends today. I can stretch again! After a year, I can stretch my arms above my head again. Totally worth the sunburn/poision ivy patch of skin on my back that is making me nuts. But that shall pass.

Yes, still on chemo. ;)



Emily said...

Glad radiation is over! Keep fighting the good fight.

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Tim said...

I saw this short film a few days ago as well. Very inspiring! Also look at the "making of" videos he has on vimeo.