Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Bullet Point Update

Fact Number One:
It is snowing - again. For an area that rarely ever gets snow, we were SHOCKED to look outside and see that in the matter of two hours (of cooking and taking down a well loved Christmas tree), that 2 -3 inches of snow had come out of nowhere! WT??????? I am not sure where I live anymore! But I have NO snow gear. I think it is high time to buy some decent boots so I can go out and enjoy! Since we rarely get more than an inch, I don't have good boots. Or jackets, for this. Strange.

Fact Number Two:
I have been quiet because we have all been snowed in, and Christmas break was afoot. A hubby and a child at home for three weeks (are we looking at FOUR!) YIPES! They have kept me busy busy busy. No quiet contemplative time to type. I am stealing a few minutes to put out an update.
(I thought I would tomorrow, but looks like I have a kid at home again!)

Fact Number Four:
I have had a stomach bug. Hence, one more reason not to write.

Fact Number Five:
I had my triple dose of Herceptin last week, right after a PET/CT scan. BLUGH. Not a nice combo. I get the results of the PET/CT scan back Wednesday. I am nervous.

Fact Number Six:
How is the transition going? Strange. Another reason for not writing. So much is going on in my mind/body/spirit. I just feel the need to cocoon up until Spring.

Fact Number Seven:
I am still tired, but not all the time. I just get tired easily and still need downtime/rest time. Kind of being on this side of it now, and seeing my body still struggling because of the ordeal of chemo, I am going to be kind and give myself January to tweak nutrition/food, exercise, and drain this overworked lymphatic system with the aforementioned food/exercise/sleep and a variety of other methods, including more acupuncture.

I am tickled at all the phone calls, 6 in a matter of hours, but I am still healing. Chemo is done, and now the real work begins. I am backlogged, but do plan to catch up with all the Loving Supportive Folks who give me calls and emails, real soon.

Okay, my few minutes are up.

Love to everyone!


craftydabbler said...

We were just talking about you at dinner and wondering how you have been doing. Fiona would like to see your DD sometime soon. Talk to you soon.

Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

Welcome to here again! Taking time for you is essential now! And they say the snow is supposed to stop! It better!!!

Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...


MiMi said...

Hey sweetie,
Can't wait to see U in a few days, if that snow ever stops!!
We are loving the south. Walked on the beach 3 times this it.
Call you later.
Love & Hugs