Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Big Ole Heap of News and Updates

Wow. How to sum up the last two months.

Surgery. Went well. Didn't do the trick.

Marriage in transition. I will be going this journey alone now and that is all I will say on the subject on this blog. Sometimes, cancer brings you closer together, sometimes it helps you realize where you need to heal on your own. I choose on my own.

I am now a single mamma......who is......

going back to chemo tomorrow.

I have been busy trying to do TOO much. I have refocused this weekend on just BEING with my daughter. We've been busy planting and caring for our backyard, since that is probably where I will spend most of my summer. Lots of herbs planted. Grasses that sway in the breeze, butterfly attracting flowers, sprinklers, ring tosses, and sidewalk chalk. I just wish I had a hammock and we'd be all good.

I am also busy getting setup to undergo chemo with a child in tow and no in home backup. Good news is that this new chemo drug is suppose to be as easy on me as Herceptin. We just have to wait and see. I sure hope so. None the less, I have to heal, and I have to heal in the middle of a divorce. So I am looking for a live in doula/student/massage therapist, in exchange for free room and board. Top priority. But again, if this is as easy as Herceptin, I must just be able to pull this off with LOADS of help from friends. Don't be shy. I will need WAY more help than last time and I am not ashamed to ask for it. I have my daughter alone all summer. No camps, etc. Just her and I. If I get things set up just right, and things are too hard on me, this might be nice. I will keep you posted.

We had a rockin' 4th. Actually got down to a parade AND a fireworks show together! We had a great time.

I am a tad bit sad to start chemo, but more in the realm of being afraid of the unknown. Good news is, once again, I feel stronger than ever in character and heart.

Let you know.......back to blogging........


Anonymous said...

Sending you tons of love, healing energy, hugs and good chemo mojo. If there is anything I can do let me know. What surgery did you have?

kytsprite said...

I know I'm not around the corner or just down the block, but if there is anything I can do or any way I can be of help to you, please let me know. Missing you much and thinking of you often, my faery friend.