Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nevalbine, Herceptin, and Zometa, oh my!

So, I know many of you are wondering what the trip has been like this week. A little bit of everything really. It is following the ebb and flow of the past chemo. Wednesday it felt like I had a flu, but then it broke around 4:00. Today, I felt GREAT in the a.m., then the aches and joint pains set in in the afternoon. A short cat nap, and lots of water helped tremendously. So many WATER is the key.

By 5:00, my energy was back up and I was hanging with my daughter like nothing happened. It is just all over the place. After watching it this week, the two keys to getting through this will be:

1) Daily naps. My daughter and I have already started up a booktime. She sits on one end of the couch and reads, I sit on the other. I have the option of napping while she does. She rocks. This kid, just rocks.

2) WATER. As stated above. When I get feeling achy, drinking water seems to almost immediately help. So I must be dehydrated.

I am going back to my weekly acupuncture. She is a healing goddess and will help me weather this round. Something feels, easier, all around. Lighter this time. Maybe it is like having a second child, you've been there, don't that, know this will be the same, but different. I dunno.

On a completely, rocking fun note......Sharon emailed me yesterday saying I HAD to try to win tickets to have lunch/concert with Tori Amos.........and I WON A SPOT! So I am taking a dear friend, who only ever gets to see the back of Tori's head at concerts, and giving him one of my passes to see her up close and oh so personal. Thanks Sharon!!!!!!!!!


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