Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why I Will Love Every Second of Time Here - Gratitude List for July 29, 2009

1) Time isn't linear. So cool. There is no end point. Ask Einstein.
2) My daughter is growing up, and turned 6 now. 6! And she is a handful, but awesome.
3) I loved sitting in my gardened patio, watching the sun go down behind the hemlocks and cedars, talking with Kris. And finally being strong enough to get outside my own drama and be there for him this time.
4) Knowing that while I am sitting there, eating sweet blueberries for dinner because it is too hot to eat anything else, and Kris and I catch up on love and life, my daughter was laughing and playing at the lake and getting in a visit with her dad and her dear friends who love her like family.
5) Electricty, because Seattle houses weren't made with air conditioning, so we need fans. Lots of strategically placed fans.
6) Kara's pea plant finally grew a pea pod!
7) Daydreaming, and I am not going to tell you about what ;) Because it is my daydream. So I am just going to tease you with it and keep it to myself.
8) Feeling lightness of spirit.
9) Feeling like the chemo is working and checking only to find the lump is completely gone. Not a trace can I find. NADA. It might try to take my body, but my soul it can NEVER touch and I KNOW it. Na-na-na-na-na-naaaaaa.
10) Just the sense of peace and serenity that is following me around wherever I go, even if I am sad or scared, I just have this sense.....of something good around me.


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Melisa said...

Awesome to hear such goodness from you! I need to get off to Soma's site, too! I can do a match through work! Hope Kara had a fantastic birthday!