Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Coolness - no no - HOTNESS

Goal: $2,300.00
Achieved: $1,150.00

In the past 24 hours, things have gone CRAZY - as of this moment - it is now 2,200! $100 to go! Go Team Go!

Seattle thermometers aren't the only ones going up!

Soma wrote on FaceBook today that someone annoymously donated a generous amount towards her 3Day Walk goal. I want to take a moment to say Thank You to that person, and to keep the ball rolling.

Let's do some math shall we?

2,300 - 1,150 = 1150

So, you may not have $500 to plop down. But what if everyone did:
$10 = 100 people donating
$20 = 50 people donating (we can do that? can't we?)
$40 = 25 people donating.

And look at all the wonderful ways you can break it down. If you donate $40, some else who doesn't have $40 could donate $10 and it all evens out. I think NPR makes most of it's money off of small pledges, not just HUGE ones. We can too.

Get Soma to D.C.'s 3Day! Save the Ta' Ta's. GO HERE to her donation page.

Herceptin has saved SO many lives and extended life span for Stage IV breast cancer patients from months to decade +???? It came from research.

Somewhere in some lab is a researcher on the cusp of finding the drug that is my miracle drug and throws this into remission for good. They say they are close.

So what does your $10 have to do with it? Let's try this:

don't drink a Mocha for 3 days, one for each day of the race, and put that money into Soma's fund. Call it the 3 Less Mocha's, 3 more Lives campaign. And let's get Soma to Race for the Cure!


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