Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What a difference a drug makes

Wow. Just wow. One two fronts. Let's go in order shall we?

First of all. In the waiting room for chemo, I usually put myself in a protective bubble. So many people see us "young ones" and have this look of pity. A double take. Is that a PORT TUBE coming out of YOU .....I even hear it often, but you are so YOUNG!

But Monday, this light of a angel sat down next to me and I did something unusual. I had a hunch she was a breast cancer gal too and I introduced myself. And she was. She was filled with smiles and light and good information. She was a Herceptin girl too, but she was allergic. And guess what, she was just like me. Stage IV, in all the same spots. And guess what, she is in remission now for awhile, but still gets weekly chemo. She's been through 13 drugs. She went on to tell me there are many others "like us", who have been around the block for 14 plus years! Pre Hereptin and all. She was just full of life and I love her for sitting down next to me. She gave me Hope.

And now the second bit of good news. I feel great today. Even after the steriods have worn off. I spent the day gardening even and getting as much in order in case the cumulative effect hits over time and my backyard is as far as I go. Bug is all set up too with backyard games, sidewalk chalk, lots of mud pits, and mint to eat. I feel GOOD. COOL.

Here is hoping this means this drug is what they said it would be, easy. ;)

Oh thank the Lord. I feel the earth stabilizing under my feet after two months of feeling like I was walking on quicksand.

I wish I had some good pics to share of my gardening work. But I don't yet.

I will share this though, a link to some inspiring music. If I feel this good, and stay this stable, I plan to join this Choir of Light. Always with the music. It can keep me moving and my spirits lifted. I sing around the house allllll the time. I have always wanted to be a part of a choir, but this one is "different". Check it out, click below and listen away.

The rendition of Amazing Grace is, well, amazing.

It is so amazing to me, to be going back into stage IV chemo, having my family transition, and still have Hope.

Cancer may take my body one day, but it will NEVER break my spirit, even when I am scared and overwhelmed, there is always the light waiting.


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MiMi said...

I can see and hear you singing with them now!! Thank God for bringing that angel your way. HE always seems to know when we need encouragement.
Praying this round will do the trick, proud of the way you are handling all the transitions in your life.
Love you Lots,