Thursday, October 8, 2009

Naviagting Cancer Website

Okay, this page rocks. It is up and coming and in development. But it is by far my favorite page for reaching OUT to your care posse. So if you are reading this, and have cancer, check this out:

If you are want to be a member of my care team, and didn't get a message inviting you, email me at

Spread the news. This is a good site for coordinating care. That is so difficult to do, because of the various forms of communication now. Facebook for some. Blogging for others. Others use phone calls, emails, or texts. trying to remember who said they wanted to stay informed. This way, I don't have to worry about bugging you or draining you with 20 emails in a month requesting care/help. It is just there waiting for you.

How to get the information out there that you need help is tough now. But this website gives you a calendar. And the members of your care team can access it and check off what they want to do without the circle of emails and texts that can literally take me hours, and I get minimal responses sometimes. Help ususally always shows, but sometime I dont' ask for the help because it is exhausting to do that dance. I am spent and tired by the time I get what I need.

Yay for someone developing this practical and lovely site!


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