Thursday, October 22, 2009

starting to make sense, Part two

So, my "it's the drugs" theory isn't panning out to the doc. So she is sending me in for a brain MRI and a PET/CT to peek inside and see if the cancer has travelled anywhere new. The brain MRI I had at the onset was all clear, it would be really NICE that is still is.

I think, because of my dripping running nose, and cough with phelm, MAYBE this all over a cold. She is checking for mono. But beyond that, she just feels concerned enough to peek inside and rule some stuff out.

So off I go. MRI's are like being inside a video game, with buzzes and bangs and clangs. fun times.

If you feel inclined to take me on Monday to said appointments and you can clear you schedule for a 10:30-4:00 run, please let me know. I can't go this day alone.



Kiki said...

Hi Jenna!
The next time I have an MRI I will think of the games. It does feel like that. So noisy and with all that binging.

Hope you had a ride on Thursday- I am in pennsylvania at bit too far away. Friday I felt the same way, just didn't want to go to my radiation. Tired, sick, etc. Went, but it was hard. Take care.


Kiki said...

Hi Jenna,

Hope you found a ride. Thinking about you.


Melisa said...

Just wondering how your Monday went. I thought about you a lot today. I was at work, though, and otherwise dealing with a sick kid and her two appointments, too!! We're thinking good thoughts for you.