Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Walk is ON

So, I have spent the last two days sleeping, with a quick jaunt out to choir rehearsal somewhere in the middle. I am a wee bit freaked out it is Friday, because I don't really remember the week. I remember going in for chemo and getting a flu shot, some nice music one day, and then an amazing day at chemo this week, and then it is like I have been in a daze and sleeping. I am trying to keep my spirit up. Going through this cycle of I feel okay for two days, get chemo, and get drug through what feels like a mild to moderate case of the flu, with muscle aches and joint pain and usually the inability to keep my eyes open one day a week.....I then spent a couple of days recouping and climbing back out, only to start is wearing on my psyche. Because that one day a week of it "hitting" is drawing out into 4 days.

I know I have said I have been knowing I have to slow down and rest. I think that overdrive went out and I am resting now, because I just cant' stop sleeeeeeping.

And then it dawned on me, as I wake up in the middle of the night..

did someone say Columbus day to me?

The three day walk?

Is it REALLY Columbus day weekend?

And it is....

which means.....

Soma and the Team are WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my chemo stupor, the loss of what day it is, I missed this. I knew yesterday for some reason, I wanted to call Soma.



SEND PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remembering hoping to be there. I am glad I didn't buy a ticket. I won't have made it there.
But I am there in spirit and gratitude and am proud of your fundraising prowess! I checked those final tallies and WOW.

Fritzi's blog was reminding us to get our regular checkups and do mammograms.

Here are a couple of things I learned along the way that could save a 20 or 30 something's life that add to Fritzi's advice:

  1. In the MRI place, the doc has signs up EVERYWHERE that INCLUDE TRUSTING YOUR INTUITION. If you FEEL like something is wrong, go in and get it checked out.
  2. Young women have thicker breast tissue, and regular mammograms may miss smaller cancer tumors.
  3. Breast cancer has a higher mortality rate in those in their 20's and 30's because it is often overlooked as being a cyst because the spike in women in this age bracket. It USED to be that it was an older persons, post menopause, that got breast cancer. The reality is different now. So many young women are being "looked over", even with lumps that can be felt. I read this over and over again on the BC blogs and group sites. So we end up at Stage IV before we finally get the diagnosis and help.
  4. Stage IV is considered a chronic disease most often now because of the progressively more effective and targeted drugs and understanding of the disease. BECAUSE OF RESEARCH and because people like the DC Rack Pack walk and raise funds and do the footwork to start research going.

Okay, back to sleep. I forced myself awake to write this and acknowledge the Walk.

I am with you in spirit!

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