Thursday, October 1, 2009

Faith Rivera

So, sometimes I get asked how I don't just become a puddle of anxiety and nerves and hide under my blanket. But believe me, I do have those days. And what I cling to that is the truth of life for me is SO WELL this song. So even when I am crying, or scared, deeeeeeep inside, in the eye of the storm, what she sings in this song is true for me. The cancer, the growth, the separation, that bad things happen to good is all in here.

Today I am at home, feeling ill. I got a flu shot with my chemo. This is GOOD. It sat me still. I haven't sat still in months. And it allowed me to explore music, and I found this gem and it renewed hope. See, it is all web, and the web will always take you back to some point where there is good.

So, instead of feeling afraid, or alone in this sickness today, I feel supported and loved. Strangers are reaching out to catch me, offering me harbor, good friends cry empathic tears and send me healing prayers. And in all this there is beauty. Call it God, call it Great Spirit, call it Great Mother, call it whatever, but it is that beautiful sacred bond that fills me with Love. Just acknowledge that it is there, even in the darkest of times. It never leaves you, never deserts you, we just get wrapped up in fear and forget.

But let me stand aside and let her sing it out best. She comes around this area, and she even more powerful in person. I will keep you posted:

Faith Rivera - Holy Now

Peace and love,


Faith said...

Jenna - what an amazing, beautiful, brave woman you are inspiring the rest of us with your glorious way of being in the world! I'm touched that my music can be a part of your life's adventures. Email me your address ( & I'm happy to mail you the CD that "Holy Now" is on or whatever album you'd like to receive. It's a gift & congratulations on the graceful, loving way you are moving through life! Here's to your health, wholeness, & happiness in all ways :) Love, Faith

Jenna said...

Wow! I didn't know you were reading this blog. How very cool. What a blessing to have such a great worker like you skimming through these pages. Loved you at CSL Seattle and cant' wait to have you back. Keep raising and praising it girl!