Sunday, October 11, 2009

Those Who Rock, an incomplete and incorehent list

Jean H. ----- Jeri is a ROCKSTAR. I love fate, seredipity, God, the Universe. Thank you for her. Thank you for praying for me, brought me to her. ;) Thank you thank you.

Jeri Rocks. Best day of chemo in awhile and you just SHINE.

Mom rocks. Walked me through a dark spot tonight. Fear fear fear + shit really hurts for too long = scared little girl raising a kid. Aren't we all?

Kevin rocks. It was nice sitting with you today, thanks for the loving goodbye. There is the term LYLAS, you are LYLAB (bro).

Soma, and Amy and Fritzi --------rockstars times three. WOW. is all I can say. wow.

Choir of Light angels. Thanks Carolellen for more chicken soup. It was delicious.


That is all I got the juice for. Something is TRIPPING OUT. Ringing in my ears for two days now, trippy stomach.........

Life is funny. Life is short. Life is sweet. Life can be scary sometimes too.

And of course....MORE is better than chemo, better than blood. I plan to be an angel singing alle allelujah.....


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