Saturday, September 20, 2008

Inspiration Station

So, I am gonna add a sidebar section for Inspiration in Art. Local artists, who rock. I may branch out to cool things I find on the web as well. But for now, each week, I am gonna bring you a new local artist to drool over. It is my passion, local arts. I would LOVE to own a art/craft store for NW indie artists to sell through (drooling yet again). It taps into many of my passions, all in one dream. I love to talk to artists, find artists, talk to those who buy the art, I like to display art, I like the community it brings....yup. Passion.

The inaugural artist. Indigo Crane felt artist -Anna Katherine Curfman. I met her while she was still in art publishing, when she turned her eye towards felting. As you see by this picture, it goes beyond felting and touches on sculpture! I think this piece shows her mastery. She gave me the most gorgeous scarf to keep me warm in body and spirit, while going through chemo. ALL the nurses gather round and drool and ask where to get one. They pull other nurses in to "see this amazing scarf!".

I am starting with her, because she pointed me to my repressed inner artist and said "You gotta let her out!". And thus began shifting my life in a way that was way overdue. If it weren't for her, I may still be a cranky, nonartistic, wondering-why-I-feel-unsettled-and-restless, mamma. I really believe my life is better, more free, more fulfilled for having known her. I simply would NOT be where I am, had she not pointed the way and said "GO that way towards art. You will be happier!". She pointed me towards help, and that led me into a world of people who "get" me. A world of inspiration, freedom, and women who shine brillantly.

I can say thank you to her enough. Maybe she really knows this maybe she doesn't.

Also, I've changed the quotes in Quotes from Cards.
AND I have added a new section (which I will begin highlighting in blog entries) on Books to Heal By.

Go check out her work!
(and no, I don' t get commission! lol!)


Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

That felting is gorgeous! You must show me the scarf the next time I see you! I'm hoping this week sometime to be able to pop by and bring a cup of tea! It would most likely be Tues. or Thurs.! And, this weekend should work for Tiana to help if it would help you! I do work on Saturday, but if Jim wanted to drop Bug off here earlier than I could pick her up at noon, I'm sure that would be fine! Call me and we'll chat!

MiMi said...

I got to see these scarfs up close and personal this weekend. They are absolutely wonderful, warm and so comfy. Anyone with a cold neck, arthritis or getting a treatment of anykind would love this around their neck.
The one she gave Jenna as a gift, is so soft looking with light blues of sky and soft fall leaves gently woven in ....wonderful.