Tuesday, September 16, 2008

To The Fringe I Go

So, I am at a point where I am going to get subversive and head to the edge of things. I am a Capricorn/Aquaruis. I am logical, grounded, and capricious (Capricorn), and always one step ahead of what is coming next, a groundbreaker, someone willing to go to the edge of what we know and step across the line to find out what is next, but hasn't been fully developed (Aquarius). Enough of that new-agey stuff (that's the Capricorn speaking again), onto what the heck I am talking about.

My research side is rearing its head. I am going to what is fully accepted about breast cancer by all, and what is being disputed, to what is being dismissed in an educated attempt to get this out of my body, keep it out, and to maintain a HEALTHY child.

I am at the moment, reading a book that walks along the edge, and jumps right over the line at times. None-the-less, some of what is over on the fringe of research, rings true to me

One of the striking things she talks about is the role of chlorine in our water and in our products as a factor in breast health. I am not here to argue about the point intellectually. But my instincts feel spot on when I think about the amount of chemicals in our water straining our immune system to the point of being overwhelmed and unable to keep up. I know someone who wrote a book about water, I think I am going to go read it!! Maybe.....maybe it will depress me or scare me too much. Then again, knowledge is power......

In Susan Weed's book, Breast Cancer? Breast Health! she warns: "Organochlorines initiate and promote breast cancer ......they mutate genes, alter breast cells so they absorb more estradiol, suppress the immune system and mimic the bad effects of estrogen." (p. 10, Weed, 1996)

Her guidelines to limit this:
  • Buy organic dairy, butter, grains, beans, meats
  • Avoid non-organic produce from places where standards are lax.
  • But and store foods in glass, not plastic (I have been switching over slowly for a year now)
  • Avoid microwaved food, don't buy canned (JENNA'S NOTE: did you know,most cans have a plastic lining in them. I did, and apparently, it is becoming more well known).
  • don't drink chlorinated water
  • avoid showering or swimming in chlorinated water
  • But peroxide-bleached or unbleached paper products
  • Use non-chemical cleaning supplies and no bleach. (easier to do than we think!)
  • Urge mills to find ways to produce paper without chlorine-bleaching
While some of this may feel extreme, or forgien to you, many of these are easily remedied once you know your sources and what to look for in the store. It does mean more money up front. But shall I go over the fact that ONE Taxol/chemo day for me appears to run $32,000. Now look at a generic can of beans..99 cents. A BPA-PLASTIC FREE can of organic beans, $2.19. I will take the can of beans!!!!!!! (I have to split with Susan here. Most of us don't have the time to soak beans overnight! Sometimes, we need that can to pull together a quick and healthy meal!)

I have known about much of this, but don't buy this way 100% of the time. I am going to make a commitment to striving towards 100% as much as possible for Kara's sake. When a mom gets breast cancer under at 50, the child's chances jumped dramatically. So I am going to teach her by example, how live as healthy as possible. Will she still get it? Who knows. Chances FOR getting it, mean there are chances for NOT getting it. She is healthy now, I will do what I can that is reasonable, to keep her that way.

This is just one factor. I know breast cancer is multi-faceted (s0 does the author of this book). This is just one topic in my consciousness today, and one area I can do something to make a difference about. I am going to go look at chlorine filters for my showers.....

Waterfilters for shower, bath, faucet: Gaiam
Safer Canned Goods: BPA Free Linings! Eden Products
Chlorine Free Paper Products: 7th Generation


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MiMi said...

Research on Daughter Dear!! I remember reading some warnings of things like this years ago, back when you didn't have but a little local health food store (with those running it who were just learning themselves), and reading a lot of Rodale and prevention. Back then we didn't have the resources that we do now. So thanks for the challenge, and those who were crying out then evidently were right on.
Plastic has become soooo convient, but at what price. I had switched to glass in the micro a couple yrs ago when I took a melted piece out and thought ughhh. is that what it looks like in my body!!! Then read articles latter about it. Thanks for the links to these things also.
Love you and will see you Friday.
Love from the Heart