Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jen Lemen - and Who Is Amy?

So, today, shrugging off this cold. It is viral, and it appears I am doing just fine on my own, chemo and all, getting it to go. Feeling better today, still got the yuck in me, but it healing. That isn't really what I want to yak about today though. Not when something/someone inspires me so!

Anna Katherine (herself awesomely creative, as demonstrated by her work), awhile back, cited the following website/blog as a very inspiring place to go. The author of said inspiring blog....Jen Lemen. Her goal - inspiration. (At least, that is my opinion on it). So, today, as I am getting over this cold, and trying to get my head back up, I turned to her website for that shot in the arm of sunshine for the soul. And came upon this post.

PLEASE take the time to go check out the video below. Jen Lemen shared this video she had found,. It is done by someone named Amy. And Amy did a "little" community art project that just rocks my world, tickles my soul, and makes me SO happy. I have a small band of "artsy" friends, who has a similar mission. And it is mine to. Make the world more playful and creative. To really be in a creative space, you have to let go of fear, and when fear leaves the room, and incredible lightness fills it up. Good things are born in that space. I think this Amy chic gets that. SO awesome what she did. So fun. So true.

Here is the video: The Beckoning of Lovely (approx. 7 mins)
or better yet, check it out at Jenn Lemen's Blog:

In-Joy and Healing
[this little pic above is my work, entitled "Play Leader", fitting for the topic!]

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