Sunday, September 14, 2008

Long Pause

Sometimes, long pauses are needed. The Zometa was not as bad as it was last time. Take this "icky"notch down from 8 to 5. Lower fever, less pain, but it was still days of laying on the couch. horizontal "good", vertical "bad". Pain increased, aches increased, it was really an nasty all around BLAH couple of days. The people who came to help did so by chatting with me while I layed down. It helped keep my mind of the pain. And I slept.

I am having an growing issue with my GI system. Not surprising. The chemo strips the lining of the GI system. I have had a large issue with that this week. Overwelming. So I am going to talk to the doc next week. This is a 8, on a scale of 10, as far as impact on my health/happiness. I have used more anti-nausea pills this week, than in the last two months. Really, very tiring and draining.

Add to that a cold, and an over-extended family (still no help in the house yet) and that makes blogging not on my radar. I have barely picked up the computer this week.

So, as my favor to all concerned today...I am still here. Just not able to blog about it.

Off I go to sleep. I apologize for the lackluster writing style. BORING, but informative. I'll find a really cool picture to distract you from the writing....

This is a painting about Turtle Island (North America). It is a story from the Iroquois Nation about how North America came into existence. There are many children's books about this tale, and there is a master story teller, whose rendition of this tale is one of my favorite. His name is Odds Bodkin and this story can be heard on his CD about tree tales called The Evergreens. His voice is rich and his style engaging. Such a great great CD. Click on the picture to go to the digital download of this story! Did I distract you well enough today?


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