Saturday, November 1, 2008

Coming out of Flu Haze/Zometa Reaction

Thanks to those patient souls who are still with me here. That is the longest stretch of quiet there has been on this blog. You know it is not so good when I am quiet for that long.

I've mentioned why. First...Zometa. That darn drug. I talked with the doctor about it. I may do some more research on my own. But according to the doc, despite my knock down reaction, she doesn't think it is doing any lasting damage. Me, I am not settled with that answer. Something is saying 'YUCK' in my body every time. Is my body saying that for a "This is going to burn out this vital organ." She says, no, and plans to keep me on it. Once a month of a flu.......hmmmmmm.

Follow that up with a headcold. 5 days.

Follow chemo up on Monday with a drop down drag out battle for my GI system. I won't get into details, but several off hour calls where made, and THREE anti-nausea drugs were recommended all within an hour. It was scary and painful, but it is done. The origin??? Once again, "we aren't sure". (total silence). At least my regular nurse is back and she is very patient and reassuring. The temp one was nice, just couldn't read her well. We hadn't gotten into that patient/nurse understanding.

Today, I feel down right normal. But I keep crashing out. Feel great, then have to lay down. Almost there. Allllllllllmooooooooooooooooost there.

I can't wait to know what it will be like to be tumour free AND off chemo. But I still have a month and a half or so left. And I want to keep it from dragging me down in what they call "the cumliative effect".

I have picked up crafting again. Not back to the much more intricate and thoughtout collages, but grounding and simple things like needlefelting and knit. My collage work requires a lot more quiet time, "zone" time. The crafting, is something I can put down any given moment and pick up again later and not have to find my way "back" to the train of thought/experiences that got me to the point where I left off.

The other thing that has has my what attention I could give was creating a Shutterfly account of family pictures. NO, I am not making that public. But I will share fun photos that are not family related here. Like this one. I love this one. It is of a pumpkin vine. Yep, same plant as below, just a close up of the spiral.

That is the very dry, laundry list style update. But I am still here. I was just too sick to write.

Happy Halloween.

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