Friday, November 7, 2008

From 52 to 48 with Love Project

Once again, Jen Lemen has led me to a very inspiring idea. Ze Frank is doing a little project to heal with tensions between the reds and the blues. The 52 to 48s need a little love-fest. He wanted the 52's to send out peace and unity to the 48's. And from looking at the pics, the love is going round.

My family is Red all over. I am the "Blue"sheep of the family. So this is my token to you all you Reds out there. Go find out more!
Franks Site.
The 52 to 48 site.

I plan to add my own 2cents worth. But first I have to go get radioactive and scanned (to make sure the heart is handling the medications well). I will add my own pic here. For now, this is my fav.


this is my pic -------->

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