Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Local Truths

Here is a quote today I found in the local magazine, Seattle Weekly. It is from a 30-something, musician, husband, and typical creative West Seattlite...who happens to be in the final stages of his battle with cancer. I just thought his quote was phenomenal.

"[Cancer] speeds your whole life up to where you see day by day, minute by the point where you are so intimate with people that you just don't care what you talk about, because you never know when your last days are going to be."

And that, is the simple truth of it.

Here is the full article, on the album he will release.

As for me, the Zometa is being kind. I am only touched with a flu-like feeling today. I am starting to give way to fatigue, although I resist. I won't anymore. I am going to go lay down and rest instead of resist.

I have been walking around the house singing all day and looking for a good place to take my hubby for his birthday this weekend.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL MY SCORPIOS!!!!!!!! I am afraid to list you, in fear of my fatigue making me forget someone, because, you all know, that list is LONG.


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