Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where to Go To Get Some Sleep - Stage IV Breast Cancer Sites with Positive People!

So, as I stated in the last post....sometimes jumping on breast cancer boards, or cancer boards in general, is enough to induce fear-based insomnia. However, there are some great sites out there. Very few specific ones to Stage IV breast cancer (that I have yet found...the internet is a big place).

Here are a few:
Sheila Miller: Now here is a real pioneer with a spirit like a beacon and such a deep determination to be a part of her own healing. She is my age, and has a deep commitment to staying real, positive, and engage her body in healing. You just think, "Go, go go!"
Be Positive:
The name says it all. She is, once again, my age. What I love about this blog, is her sense of LIFE, her ability to turn lung drainage into a humours event, and how the blog isn't all about cancer. It is just a part of it.
Little Story:
good example of a GOOD story! Short, sweet, and HOPEFUL!
Her blogs are FULL of many positive people. Finding a Stage IV person was tricky. But guess what, that is how I found Sheila (up above).

I had a great chat with a friend today, and then read some more of "It's Not About the Hair". I am REALLY liking this book. She really does represent a positive healthy approach. Grounded, humorous, etc. I am happy to be reading it right now. I couldn't before. I need Stage IV stories. It stung too much to read someone in Stage 1, or 2. or even 3. Knowing things are approached differently.

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sheilamiller31 said...

Awww, thanks for the mention! I am so glad you found me, I love reading your blog for the same reasons. You keep it real and help me so much through the spiritual stuff. I love that you are my age and despite all this crap we are going through you can still be silly and funny and light. I LOVE it!!