Monday, November 10, 2008

The Nuts and Bolts of the Last Leg of Chemo

So, just back from my Zometa/Herceptin/Abraxane day. It was really nice to have a week to get back on my feet! I went in ready to go.

The doc was excited, and seemed certain that the end of the year would see the end of Abraxane! (The chemo drug). We will then switch over to the long term game plan. I will tell you that when I know for sure the details. But it will involve Herceptin, and Zometa once a month for (how long???). And maybe a therapy that stops Estrogen production in my body.

And just to clarify. I am not in Remission...yet. I don't think I used that word after the last scans. But just to be clear, it is NOT remission. (eh'em, mom). I don't want to be in remission yet, because I still have cancer in my body we can easily find. We want remission to be as clear of cancer as we can be.

One last clarification....the bones. I was uncertain of what was going on with my bones. The "sites" are still there, but not active. i guess it looks different on bones. So, sites still exsists, but they are not hypermetabolic. If you have any questions, just write me.

Okay, off to rest.
Hugs to everyone

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Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

Was so glad to hear your chipper voice this morning! Glad you are doing better, so far, with this dose of Zometa! Hoping it continues to be well with you this treatment!