Monday, August 18, 2008

It's a First

So, here's a first. Blog entry while hooked up to chemo! One very funny lady, in a tee-shirt that read "The Chemo Made me Do it!", gave me a good laugh, calling her chemo unit on wheels "Fido". She had to take Fido for a walk and the leash got all tangled up. Oh, us sick and twisted chemo-girls.

I tried looking up a good cartoon or joke about chemo. In the cyber-land of too much information, there was very little in the way of chemo humor. COME ON! Someone has got to step up and make fun of it. Oh well. Fido and I are friends.

I do have this weird, underwater-type feeling that hits. I think it is a pre-med side effect. To make me sleepy. So this may be all disjointed and nonsensical.

So, you may notice over to the side, a DONATE button. This links up to a paypal account that anyone can use to leave a donation. I have been surprised at how many people have said they were waiting on that button. Well, VOILA!

I have also talked to friend and family, and it sounds like some really great fundraisers are taking shape. A yardsale on the west coast. A yard sale and fundraiser on the East coast. An ArtBra auciton in Seattle!!! Fun stuff! Thank you everyone!

Soon to come, on this website, I plan to create a line of cards that you can either download or email. They will be inpsiring, silly, and sometimes irrevrent. (gasp!). Some will be cancer specific, others, just to help everyone overcoming an obstacle life through their way.

Okay, chemo brain is realllllllly hitting. I am going to go cat-nap.

Love to you all!

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Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

Sending you all sorts of love today! Hey, let me know how Thursday shapes up. Tiana has a class from 9-1 (maybe later) and so we could try for the trees or the beach again -- weather permitting?