Friday, August 22, 2008

Goodbyes, transistions, and good quotes

Just now, we said good bye to Becky. Becky, this is a shout out to you for making our summer healing, stable, and balanced!!! And thank you to the families that made this possible. I can't say enough how much has helped. I think Bug would be a mess, and the house would've been stressed out without the help. Thank you Becky!

I am adding a quote to the sidebar. A friend from the midwest has been sending me these amazing cards with pictures of her garden on the outside, and quotes on the inside. SO many have been spot on timing with what I am going through. So inspiring. The first one starts today.

Also, I am playing around with design and layout. So expect multiple changes as I find the right fit. I would like to expand this blog out to help others in the area, or going through metastasized breast cancer. Anything we can do to keep each others heads up and hearts open!!!


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