Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Wisdom of Tea

My mentor, said her mentor taught her, that the most powerful thing one person can do for another is drink tea and unconditionally, and without agenda, LISTEN.

I drink my tea daily. And I listen. When no one is there, I listen to my deepest self. Without judgment, and without agenda to change the incoming information, to fully love and accept the information. The best information comes from listening to that still voice.

Another friend, a cancer survivor, takes 30 minutes every evening, sipping tea, and sitting with her dog outside - listens to the breeze. She says wisdom comes in when we are still and listen to the subtle breezes. Voices of our ancestors and helpers can be heard.

I am brewing my tea for today. Today, it is Yogi tea, Lemon Ginger (my body requests some tummy soothing herbs). On the tag are little sayings...I thought I would leave this one with you:

Todays Tea Wisdom:

DELIGHT the world with kindness, grace, and compassion.

Can you let these qualities flow today without inhibitions and doubt? Powerful stuff.

Love to you all,


Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

And, for you especially, one of my favorite tea quotes of all time:

"Women are like tea bags, they don't know how strong they are until they get into hot water." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Be strong my friend! and another:

"Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things." ~ Chaim Potok

or maybe:

"Where there's tea there's hope." ~ Arthur W. Pinero

MiMi said...

Okay daughter Dear,
Once again a challenge....to let it flow without inhibitions or doubts is the greatest taks of all. Thanks for the reminder. As the tag on the tea bag pix says: Live in your strength, life is such that new strength is required every day with every challenge, blessings and joy.
May your quiet time today be filled with a glimpse of joy.
Love you the mostest