Saturday, October 11, 2008

Do You Know How Amazing You Are

Do you all know how amazing you all are? How beautiful people can be? In the midst of this "financial crisis", people are still generous, with their love, hope, creativity, money, time, etc.

I just returned from the Art Bra Auction, the brainchild of my friend Kendyl and with the help of many. Do you know, complete strangers donated AMAZING works of art. Dear friends and their families did so as well. I am just so the creativity I saw, and the generosity, and the goodwill.

I have to detach a bit. To know this, in the end, was to harness healing energy, and monetary support, for little ole me...well, that much good energy is can humble you. To enjoy it, I had to not let myself really let it sink in it was for me (us - my family).

For those who missed, NO GUILT, but oh, you missed a good time. I will put pictures up. And the overwhelming donation of bras...there are still some to be taken home. There were wool ones, knitted ones, copper ones, ceramic ones, belly dancing ones, ones with toy soldiers, camouflage and pink ribbons, hand embroidered NW ones, flower ones, etc etc. Woah.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I met some new faces, that brought me happiness. Some old friends I haven't seen in awhile came....

it is all so good.

And just so people know. Our medical bills situation is working out slowly. We still have more than we can pay, but with the fundraisers, people pointing me in the direction of places that help, etc, we are wading our way through. With my health improving, it looks like work will be in my future, and that will reallllllllllly help.

I do plan to put up songs that a friend of mine recorded (and a few I recorded on my own) to offer in turn for a donation through this blog. THAT will be my gift back to you. All the songs will be either spiritual chants I have learned, or songs/lullabies I wrote for my daughter. We are working on the technical aspects of getting the posted to download with each donation.

Again..............woah.........sooooooo amazing (huge smile)

Love right back to all of you who came tonight,

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