Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Flu? Oh boy

Up in the middle of the night. Yup. Not usually a good sign. But before I go any further, Bug is FINE. It is just a bone bruise (ouch) but at least not a fracture, no xray needed. Wew.

Now, why am I up? I won't get into details, but fell asleep very early, woke up an hour ago, spent an hour visiting the loo, feel nauseated, have a red face.

Yes, I called in to the nurse. I have been having breathing troubles too. but that is a long story that will just come off as whiney and complaining and angry. But I have called the doctors office, talked to the nurse, and told them I am having breathing troubles. They said "Take Alleve". (stunned look). Okaaaaaaaaay.

So I took the Alleve. I fell asleep. Still feel ill. Now it is a flu-like. Sigh. I just hope they don't respond like they did yesterday. Or I am going to ask why they tell us to call them over NOT being able to breath freely. Okay, moving into anger. I will aim for CLEAR communication tomorrow (today).

I was rereading a few older posts, and long for that clarity and thrill of small victories. I need to pull that into the present.

I think my family is edging on being in need of some helping hands this week. I am not up for helping, I just dawned on me their is a box of produce sitting outside. That means I am really out of it. Dishes scatter the countertops. I feel like I am in over my head. It probably isn't as bad as it feels. I just feel foggy and "lost". But I know I get offers for food. And we have had plenty in the freezer from all the food made throughout the first couple of months. We finally went through it all with Zometa week last week.

But I will ask for a new pot of Gluten Free Soup from anyone willing to make it, asap. I am too ill feeling to clean that kitchen and cook, and Jim is overwhelmed with work (and not getting to it because of taking care of me and Bug this week.)

I just see this edging on being "too much". So, I will ask for help.

I felt so good yesterday morning, and then crashed. Hmmmm.

Okay, back off to sleep I go. If I can. Not feeling so hot.

5 am GRATITUDE list
- cuddly cats
- friends I know will help
- my comfy pillow
- healing meditations
- loving my kid
- loving my husband
- Julies voice on the other end of the phoneline
- knowing my kids leg is going to heal easily

Hope you all have a good day,

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MiMi said...

Hey Jenn,
sorry to hear you are having a rough week this week. Hang in there sweetie. Glad Bug's leg is doing better!! That is one thing off your plate.
Am sending prayers for clear communication and breathing for you today.
Think on those things that are:postive, pure, calming and healing.
Love from the Heart