Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yup, some sort of virus and this cancer thing

Mystery is solved. It is a cold or virus or something invading my space. hehehehe. I know this not because I went to the docs, but because my throat is gunked up and I can't talk. Mystery solved.
So I will call in and let them know because I am suppose to do so. At least that is what the paper the sent home, and the nurses in the chemo unit tell me. The response I get is perplexing. I am not sure why I call in. I think I am way to use to the homespun touch of the naturopathic community. Where being heard is a much of the treatment as the herbal remedies they hand you.

So, I am brewing up some strong tea, and curling up. The sun is shining in my window and like my cat, I plan to curl up in it and rest.

Soup greatly appreciated by anyone willing. But I did find some frozen chicken soup hidden behind the frozen waffles, so I can get through today.

- beautiful pumpkins and squash
- beautiful leaves to ponder while I heal up
- again, my curl up buddy, the cat Tilde
- a 750 piece puzzle

(the picture above is from a few Octobers ago, at an autumn celebration we threw for the kids)

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