Friday, October 17, 2008

Art Bras For Breast Cancer!!!!!!!!!

So, folks, don't do hypnotherapy that is devised to make you feel fresh and alert at midnight. It just makes you feel fresh and midnight. lol!

However, I will take this opportunity to post a few of my favorite pics from the ArtBra Auction. Many of you have asked did they all sell? How much was raised? I am not sure right now, people are being notified and checks are being mailed, etc. I think we will know soon.

What I do know. People rock. Most people rock. Many people who came, I didn't know personally! many people who donated bras, I didn't know personally. PEOPLE CARE. We just need to start talking to each other again, and we can find that out very easily. That is a unexpected blessing of this journey. I get to find this out.

For your viewing pleasure....a small sample of the 40 bras donated for the auction!!!!!!

the birds nests

ANYONE can join in on the fun...and the guys really did enjoy modeling a few pieces!

pinwheels for those cool breezes!

for those who need some
holiday countdown help?

Miss Direction took us to the Northwest with a FireFaery friend.

Jennifer Seaman did stand up comedy!

And the lady of the night, Kendyl, who spearheaded this amazing night!!!!!

There were many, many more! But for now, that is a taste of the action!

(self appointed goddess of healing empowerment)

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MiMi said...

Awesome Bras everyone.
Thank you for helping my daughter and for the pure fun and joy you brought her in this endeavor.

Jenna's mom