Friday, October 24, 2008

How Cancer taught me that I am so Blessed

I am struggling with something. How to express back to you all, the love, compassion, caring, help, faith, hope, and pure kindness that you all have shown me. I ask for soup, and within a day, I have Evelyn dropping off a massive amount of yummy Lentil (Bug's favorite), and two other soups quietly left at my back door. And many other offers that I had to turn away because of the other soups showing up!

The multitude of gifts the people around me bring is again, deeply touching and awe inspiring. This week, a friend had planned a visit. When she came, I was sick and having a tough time talking. She didn't insist I talk, she instead gave her gifts. Shiatsu, followed up by a guided meditation she teaches in her Yoga classes, and then a simple gift of sliced apples and water beautifully arranged and left at my side for when I was ready. She is my Gentle Wisdom teacher.

I hesitate to give examples because I could write a book, and this is a blog and I don't want to leave any example out. There are the card writers, the listeners, the healers, the artists, the "I think this will help while you rest" giver, the check-in'ers, the ones who treat me like I am "normal", the ones who show up with soup, the ones who do crafts with me, the ones who create laughter, the ones who give money, the ones who give time, the distant healers....

I feel like I know some Secret. And I sit from a place above it all, and look down and see the good and my heart warms and I smile gently and lovingly, hoping to pass all the good around and let it go on and on.

A line from a song comes to mind:
"And human kindness is overflowing...."

Thank you all so much,

P.S. For all you food-givers. Please when you make a pot of soup, keep some for yourselves!! I appreciate the wonderfully large pots of soup, but I want to know YOU are eating well too. Put your oxygen mask on first. Also, if you make a pot of soup/food, I am more than happy to pay for the supplies! Please let me know. I know many of us are experiencing tight financial times. I would be happy to pay for the food costs!


MiMi said...

In reading your blogs the last few times I am mindful of some gratitudes items:

1. That family is not just born
of a blood line...but from a
community when someone is in
need. (I see this in your
situation and those in need
2. That giving is contagious
3. That I as your mother am very
grateful for the friends and
community God has blessed you
with, while I can not be close.
4. To see your gratefulness and
love for your friends.
5. Only 9 weeks and I will see your
face and give you the biggest
mommy hug !!

From the Heart

Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

In the face of this, I don't really have a whole lot to add, but it has been a pleasure! I do want to list some things I'm thankful for tonight.

I'm thankful for friends who are willing to share their beautiful children with me.
I'm thankful for their children helping the little ways they can to clean up after dinner. Salad dressings aren't a lot to be in charge of, but when the heart of a child moves her to do it without being asked -- it's a beautiful thing and a testimony to her parents' upbringing!
I'm thankful that I am well and can help another and am confident that if the tables were turned, I'd be treated the same way!

Love to you and Jim and thank you for sharing your "Bug" with me! A great "virus" to catch! ;) (total cheekiness in that one!!)

Jenna said...

Man, make me cry! :P