Saturday, October 18, 2008

Zometa and Getting Behind and Amanda Soule, Oh my!

Hi all! So, this week, as you many of you know, was Zometa week. While the first round was akin to torture, the second like a bad flu, this one was like a small flu, with low grade bone/muscle pain. Enough to make me groggy headed and sleeping for the last two days. I think the Zometa storm is passing. Maybe it is the gorgeous morning sunlight illuminating the golden leaves, or the crisp fall air, but today I feel, once again, so at peace. Slightly effervescent peace. I hope this round with Zometa means that in a few more, I won't feel anything and it will just be doing maintenance work, not dramatically shifting my bone structures.

I am a bit behind on emails and phone calls everyone! The good news brought a lot of good emails and phone calls for "getting together". But the Zometa just made being social impossible. So, if you have sent an email in the last two weeks, I am started to get caught up.

Finally, a GEM, I have to share. This is going to go in my Inspiration Sidebar, although she isn't local, she is about being local. It is crafty, natural, and the exact mood I am in. Visit her blog! It is full of creative inspiration! I order some craft supplies (I need to be doing something while I heal!) and this book for the creative ideas. Very, simply, fun. All of the images in today's blog are hers, and will get you to her website with one simple click!

She has her website chock full of images of her families daily life. Beautifully done! It has also made me want to get my camera out and start adding our photos as well go!!!!!! Although, since this is a blog about healing breast cancer, you may see an IV pole her, and a pill bottle there, you will also see meditation alters, images of the golden light on the fall trees, and a pot of cancer healing cauliflower soup!

I give you one task. Create your own GRATITUDE LIST and please post in the comments section!

MY GRATITUDE LIST for a Saturday morning:
- golden sunlight filtering through golden leaves
- blueberry pancakes my hubby made
- my hubby and daughter letting ME sleep in!!!!!
- my cute cat
- a warm home
- the OFF button on the TV
- puzzles
- a stack folk craft magazines from Miss Direction
- Lorenna McKennitt's new CD for winter

Blessings and love,


MiMi said...

Dearest Daughter,

Here is my gratitude List:

*For a God who is healing my daughter and answering our prayers there

*For the wonderful mountains in PA sunshine and some down time with hubby

*For my grand-daughter and my family

*For my wonderful husband (who is very understanding)

**After watching the story of the inventor of herceptin: For men like that and their families who care about others, such compassion and tenacity to not give up!!

*For the simple things that we miss when we hurry, a soaring hawk hunting over the pond for a fish, a wooly catepillar trying to make his way accross the driveway of stones, that patch of sun warming one spot on a cool fall day.

*For the book of Psalms in the Bible when I need calming, reassuring and lifting up. Such a man was David to put all his feelings there good and bad and a God who loved him thru it all.

*CD from Selah...calming praising peace!!

*A daughter who is willing to share her journey with others to reach out, help and be real. Such a wonderful thing.

Love from the heart

Kent, Melisa,Tiana (and Coda) said...

Alright, now the guilt has set in! I've thought about the gratitude list and I'm going to start it with the loving husband that I was spending my 16th anniversary weekend with when you posted this exercise! ;-) I'm thankful for Truth and the simplicity it brings to my life; I'm thankful for my daughter, my family and my many friends. And, on a Saturday morning, I'm very thankful for a lazy cup of coffee!